• Distributing Riot 250R Pro Racing Drone
    Distributing the Riot Racing Drone Series
    UAS is distribution the Riot Racing Drone Series throughout Europe and the Middle East
  • Agriculture and Crop Monitoring
    Improving Crop Yields and Preventing Disease
    A range of advanced camera payloads provide overhead views, while hyperspectral payloads provide evidence of disease and wet/dry areas.
  • Mine Mapping & Surveillance
    Enhanced security, improved efficiency
    Our dual thermal/LIDAR payload provides advanced mine mapping while at the same time dramatically improving security and mine safety.
  • World Drone Prix 2016
    Team UAS Falcons
    Our sponsored team the UAS Falcons is competing in the World Drone Prix event in Dubai 
  • Virtual Reality(VR) Craft Design
    Enhanced design phase, simulated payload & flight
    By completing our craft design phase with an accurate 3D VR real time and interactive model we can simulate craft payload options, systems and flight.
  • Mine Security & Monitoring
    Protect against mine equipment theft & sabatage
    Our craft and team can secure the perimeter of a large mine providing real time video and daily high resolution imagery
  • Windmill Home Inspection
    Enhanced image analysis and thermal option
    Aerial services of unique buildings and homes provide owners with a clear picture of any structural issues, roofing problems and nesting animals that may be the cause of future problems

Riot 250r Pro Racing Drone

Unmanned Aerial Systems is distributing the Riot Racing Drone Range & Accessories throughout Europe. For product specefication click on the link above to download.