Dear Drone Pilot,

This registration form is for an event being held in April from 5-7, covering 3 days and will be a demonstrator for the advanced capabilities of drone racers along with the sport as an exhibit. Attendees will be encouraged to interact with the pilots and pilots will need to remain friendly engaging and culturally aware for those 3 days.

We currently in the planning stages of the exhibit space with the main event confirmed to go ahead. As such various elements of the event may change to suit the expected attendee list including indoor or outdoor flying or both.

All travel, accommodation food, and transport costs will be covered. There may be some small prizes issues for various things like fastest lap time, most acrobatic flying and best pilot engagement.

This form serves to register to interest in this event will enable us to contact you with final arrangements and short contract of participation and appointment.

Pilot Event Registration QED 2017