Interactive Virtual Reality design for Unmanned Systems

Our multi-role VTOL fixed wing concept craft.
This is Virtual Reality led design project is based around a real-time interactive VR concept craft that is currently being produced by Unmanned Aerial Systems Ltd. Using Oculus compatible VR in the final stage of design has allowed us to uniquely visualize the craft its components and systems. We are currently working on the flight modelling.

Instructions :
1. Please download and install unreal engine
2. Unzip or Uncompress the VR Download
3. Double Click on the Launch Icon

VR(Oculus) Package
PC Direct Download Link
Please click the download links to install and run the UAS VR Concept Design executable
VR(Oculus) Dropbox
PC Dropbox File Download
(May be quicker for some regions)
Mac Download
Mac Compiled Version
Youtube Video
Youtube Video 1080p HD