Unmanned Aerial Systems is pleased to make any formal introduction to Amber Tiger with regards to aviation and specialist craft operations training.


Amber Tiger, formed by ex members of the UK Special Forces, delivering rotary and UAV based mission training and support to organisations globally.
Having previously deliverd training and support services for clients such as Lockheed Martin, Thales, Leonardo, UK MOD now expanding both footprint of services and bringing on board specialist training solutions.


Using over 80 years combined experience in aviation, AT design mission training scenarios allowing crews to work together to deliver effective missions anywhere at any time, day or night. Training for:
• Search and Rescue/HEMS
• Emergency Services/Police
All training material is delivered by electronic tablet allowing more interactive and 21st Century learning with full support from the UK.


Drones are becoming a greater provider of surveillance and security in an evolving industry. With experience in the security sector AT provide advice and support, or fully operational contracts using CAA approved pilots, for public and private surveillance and security solutions.


Synthetic training through the use of simulation is a cost effective way to deliver full crew mission training without using airframes or incurring the cost and inherent risk of live flying training. AT supply and operate simulators using the latest VR technology for helicopter crews and for corporate day experiences and team building for large companies providing continuous revenue.

Surveillance and Security Brief
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Specialist Ops Brief
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Capability Brief
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UAV Capability
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