Who we are

Unmanned Aerial Systems Ltd (UAS) was incorporated in 2013 after many years of research and  market analysis. The Company provides straightforward leasing for sophisticated unmanned aerial systems  for a range of professional and defense based applications. Our aim to become a market leader in the provision of UAS, and to work with our partners in the development of the next generation of autonomous unmanned systems.

Our history

2009 – Some of the Company founders are involved in a live flight exhibition at London’s DSEI and meet a number of prominent industry leaders and defense contracts.
2013 – The Company exhibits at DSEI London alongside Colena as CMDA, a product design specialist based in Hong Kong, but with operations in UK.
2013 –  UAS(Unmanned Aerial Systems) Ltd is officially Incorporated in England, and begins to operate as a UAS Leasing Company based on an exclusive agrement with Colena Ltd an industry leader in the manufacture and fabrication os Multi-Rotor UAS.
2014 – The Company continues to develop 2 unique solutions for an African held anti-poaching competition sponsored by the Kruger National Park
2015 – The Company plans to exhibit at DSEI 2015, with its  leasing partner Colena and demonstrate its role specific solutions and fixed wing environmental platform.

Our mission

Unmanned Aerial Systems for us represent a core belief that we can use and advance UAS technology to dramatically enhance a wide range of human activities. As such we have a wide field of view when it comes to new applications, our mission is to :

We firmly believe that we can achieve these goals, while reducing risk, improving safety and productivity and adding value. The future is full of possibility and as technology evolves so to will our products and service offering.